Belarusian Helsinki Committee
Election Type:
Recommending Organization:
Coalition of organizations
Primary Thematic Area:
Election administration
Subtopic of primary thematic area:
Composition and appointment
Secondary Thematic Area:
Election administration
Subtopic of secondary thematic area:
Impartiality and independence
The Electoral Code should be amended with a provision that would secure the guarantees of membership in the election commissions for representatives of political parties and contribute to a pluralistic composition of the commissions. It is necessary to ensure that the political parties participating in the elections, including parliamentary elections, enjoyed the right to delegate one representative to each of the territorial, district and precinct election commissions. Local administrative and executive bodies cannot have the right to claim the vacant seats in the election commissions except in case a political party has not used this right. Similarly, the priority right to nominate their representatives to the election commissions should be enjoyed by the candidates. In addition, the criteria for selecting candidates to the election commission (delegating by a political party, education, other professional knowledge) should be legislatively defined, which would reduce the possibility of their arbitrary selection and could be taken into account by the court when considering corresponding complaints.
Action required:
Legal change
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Implementation Status:
Not implemented
Repeated implementation:
2015-10-11 00:00